With deep expertise in safety-critical devices and applications development Alpha-Numero supports Medical& Healthcare industry.


May it be an electric car, petrol car or a diesel car infotainment is an integral part of car interiors today. From Music to Videos, Navigations to controls, Displays or automated parking, Alpha-Numero is capable of supporting for car infotainment that helps OEMs to deliver the five-star experience to their end customers.

Embedded System Design

Any automated system is cannot work without its own memory and processing inbuilt in it known as embedded system. Alpha-Numero with its expertise in embedded system can support for various system designs that are specifically tailored for automotive industry.

UI Design

UI of a car is entirely different from a web screen or a mobile screen. The person on the wheels should get information in a glance and should be easy to use, hence designing a UI for car infotainment make it a critical task for Auto OEMs and their suppliers. With deep expertise in designing of avionics displays, Alpha-Numero can leverage same knowledge and expertise to design a perfect UI for them.

Connected Cars

With the emergence of Connected devices, IoT& Cloud and ADAS, cars are able to talk each other in real time. Which result in the safety of the driver. These systems are made up of hardware and software working in the background. Alpha-Numero can help and support this hardware and software application development.

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