The manufacturing industry has covered a long development path from creating the products and goods from hand to automating all the processes in a manufacturing plant. Todays Manufacturing technologies have brought a changed the way goods were manufactured earlier. Alpha-Numero helps the manufacturing sector to cope up with the current technological changes.

Machine to Machine Communication

Not only a mobile phone or small devices are getting smarter but Heavy Industrial types of machinery are also have become smarter. They create and sends tons of data per second to tell about their health maintenance issues to other machines. May it be a Machine to a meter sensor, automating the process based on sensors data, triggering an email alert on some malfunction. There are numerous possibilities to go for. We make sure that critical data and information is being shared securely through the ecosystem.

Sensors Integration

Machines and devices talk each other through sensors. This sensor creates data in various formats. To use and infer the information this data has to be converted and integrated as per the requirements. We have expertise and experience in integrating these sensors with any systems or hardware.

Sensor data Management

As there are hundreds of sensors for hundreds of different functions creates several data format. An image sensor will create image data type, pressure sensor will create data in some format and a temperature sensor will in some other format. To utilize this fragmented data, it has to be managed from its creation to final report generation to decision making. Alpha-Numero with its expertise in data management can support for capturing, organizing, storing, analyzing and sharing this data irrespective of the data type.


The real-time operating system is the heart of manufacturing industry. In a production line, a certain product has been available for a robot at the specified location at a specified time. This can only be achieved with the help of Real time operating system (ROTS). Our expertise in software development for major vertical makes us a suitable solution provider to the manufacturing industry for developing a customized operating system for their customized use.

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